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Suicide Squad 2 First Look Explained and Breakdown

Suicide Squad 2 First Look Explained and Breakdown

Welcome to HappyQuotesWishes we have our first look preview of James Gunn's Suicide Squad 2 they are calling it the suicide squad instead of calling it to suicide squad 2, but it actually is a sequel to the first movie.

Suicide Squad 2 First Look Explained and Breakdown

 I will explain what the timeline and the continuity is and how they are going to handle it and why all these characters look so crazy.

To clarify what is going on with this movie this is set after the events of the first suicide squad movie and instead of doing a full-blown reboot of the first suicide squad movie they are keeping the suicide squad as the title. 

Writing into the story why it is there are so many different versions of the suicide squad in a way that's funny but also explains the concept of the team Amanda waller taking all the criminals that nobody cares about using them for the worst of the worst ever jobs that none of the heroes wants to do because they might die and the suicide squad members are all expendable. 

So once I explain some of these ridiculous characters that they have and why they seem so silly, it will make more sense because part of the idea is that you kill off members of the suicide squad. 

Just to show how they are at the beginning of each of the movies hold your fire sorry that is what I do, but several characters from the first film are coming back for the second film.

Just letting you know where it fits in the timeline in that they're not entirely wiping the first suicide squad from history.

I'll explain these characters then I'll tell the story just a little bit. 

The setup is actually pretty hilarious but in the right way. 

First, there's mei-ling as female mangal with an a, not mongo she's the daughter of mongrel in the comics. 

She's only been used a couple of times she showed up during our worlds at war she worked with the heroes, but she's mostly known as a villain.

Nathan Fillion is playing a booster gold villain called blackguard he's a character from the future, I don't know if they're gonna make him from the future in the movie, but he joins the criminal gang. 

They give him this special suit of armour that gives him his abilities. 

If you've been a fan of Nathan Fillion for a long time you probably get the meta-joke in casting him is a booster gold villain one they need a bunch of ridiculous villains for an early version of the team before the real team surfaces. 

But for the longest time people have been asking Nathan Fillion if he was ever going to play booster gold in a dc movie. 

Going back years ago people fan casting him as green lantern so this is just sort of James Gunn's joke in casting him is a really ridiculous minor character riff on those other prominent theories that fans have had for a long time

One of you saw Pete Davidson you're like why is Pete Davison in the suicide squad.

This seems crazy he was a self-styled vigilante that tried to help people initially but was terrible at it, so he turned to a life of criminal hacking.

Started working for the Russian mafia he became a birds-of-prey villain and then eventually joined the suicide squad after he captured, but he has genius-level intellect, he's an expert at hand-to-hand combat he's really good with computers.

I know you've all saw this crazy yellow costume and you're like who the hell is this. 

This is actually full borg he's a former youtube comedian that's now been starring in movies and television shows.

He's actually made it pretty big, but because he's mostly known for doing ridiculous comedy when people thought that he was cast in suicide squad they're like wait a minute.

What is flula doing in this movie he's playing a character named javelin which was an Olympic athlete who turned towards a life of crime 

He became a villain for green lantern a little while he doesn't really have any special powers like hand-to-hand combat, athletics throwing his javelin to people so he is a pretty ridiculous character which will make more sense. 

When I explained it all I know, you're all wondering whom sean Gunn is going to be playing because clearly, it's going to be a motion-capture character he's actually playing a role waiting for it.

Called weasel during all the marvel movies he actually doubles as the stand-in for the rocket on-screen when Bradley cooper isn't around because they need someone to actually be that character and run around on all fours when they're walking around together in the comics. 

He's capable of transforming into a weasel which is weasel-like claw animal-type powers nothing really crazy.

He was part of the black lantern corps for a little while because they killed him off and then brought him back during the blackest night the only real reason they recruited him in suicide squad in the comics is just that he was so bloodthirsty and he would be a good asset during a mission. 

Then you all recognize Jai Courtney coming back as captain boomerang with a slightly more toned-down version of his costume not quite as dirty as the version we saw in the last suicide squad movie. 

Just confirming that this is continuing after the events of the last film though I'm walking out of here a free man 

We're gonna start having some real fun the other characters that aren't pictured here but that they've confirmed are John Cena who's playing a role called peacemaker.

 I'll explain him in a second David from the ant-man movies is playing Polkadot man we don't know whom Taika wait is playing. 

Maybe another prominent motion-capture character but king shark is being played by steve agee at least that's what's being reported.

They just did a big king shark vs Grodd storyline last year on the flash it was great.

Danijela Melchior is playing a character called ratcatcher Peter Capaldi is still a mystery character. 

It will be awesome if he's playing Mr Freeze, but it'll probably wind up being an obscure character just because that seems like what James Gunn is going for with this new film picking the most ridiculous most obscure characters possible with a few exceptions. 

Idris Elba obviously not in this picture but he's supposed to be playing vigilante he's the replacement for will smith's Deadshot character.

 Originally the idea was they would just recast Deadshot because either will smith didn't want to come back or there was a scheduling conflict then because the producers didn't want to slap will smith in the face by recasting him they just picked a different character for
Idris Elba to play

If you haven't watched any of arrow they actually featured the vigilante character on that tv show for a couple of seasons Joel Kinnaman is  coming back from the first film is rick Flagg Margot Robbie is coming back as Harley Quinn, and I'll explain the timeline a little bit because she's also going to be in birds-of-prey early next year too 

Then Amanda Waller from the last film is coming back, so that's already a lot of characters, but you can kind of tell what's going on.

Most of you have probably figured it out why you have a bunch of actors here most of whom are comedians like Pete Davison full borg what are they doing on a suicide squad. 

Early prediction is probably because this is just the first version of the team at the beginning of the movie that they kill off right away in a big action scene. 

Then Amanda Waller goes and gets a more competent version of the team together but then I know you're asking which characters are gonna be on that second version of the team and will any of these ones from the ridiculous early team survive such an early prediction for the second version of the team because we don't see a lot of characters in here. 

The second version is rick Flagg coming back Idris Elba's vigilante because he seems like he'd be way more badass, Idris Elba just isn't known for playing incompetent characters, and a lot of these people seem like they're gonna wind up being pretty incompetent at the beginning of the film.

Maybe taika watiti's mystery character Harley Quinn obviously gonna be on the second version of the team. 

She'll survive maybe captain boomerang survives maybe they'll kill him off because he was pretty bad in the first film, but maybe  Gunn will try to redeem him somehow through the script boomerangs a jewel thief.

Skeezy character and not really necessarily lockable and David really
Wanted me to find my inner pretty much these words John Cena's peacemaker will probably be on that second 2.O version of the team just because john Cena typically plays really badass characters just because king shark is such an excellent character 

He'll probably be on that second version of the team peter gang. 

Capaldi might not be a member of the suicide squad, but he might just be playing another character who works for Amanda waller then maybe the ratcatcher character just because they try to balance it in terms of a number of women number of men on the team. 

They haven't said whom the villains are going to be, but this will take place after the events of the suicide squad part 1 movie after the events of the justice league and after the events of the next birds of prey movie. 

So straightforward way to explain why Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn isn't here for this early version of the team because why wouldn't they just put her back on a version of the suicide squad is because she's off in Gotham doing whatever she's doing during birds-of-prey then probably gets thrown back in prison and given another opportunity by Amanda waller 

What they'll probably do in terms of referencing the events of the first film is that Amanda waller will have a couple of lines of dialogue poking fun at how terrible the original version of the team was and how they barely survived by the skin of their teeth accomplishing their goal of getting rid of the enchantress. 

Well they'll probably do for characters like will smith's Deadshot who aren't coming back as they'll just say they're off with their daughter or they're off doing some other mission, but I think the story concept for introducing this early incompetent version of the team then killing them off right away is brilliant. 

There's a rumour right now that it's going to be rated r so it makes sense if you're gonna have a big gory action scene where you kill all your characters off in the first 15 minutes that it would be a rated r film. 

For a little while, there were rumours that they were gonna try and use black Adam as one of the villains, but then that went away in the black Adam movie turned into something different. 

So there is a bunch of big dc movie stuff happening right now the joker movie just blew up I've already done a bunch of videos about that and
Then on the tv shows, they have a crisis on infinite earth coming up which is basically their big version of avengers infinity war, and avengers end the game with all the tv characters 

So if you have any big questions about suicide squad or any of the other big dc movies that are coming up or bonus videos you want to request just let me know in the comments. 


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