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Brad Pitt Movies List | Brad Pitt Filmography

Brad Pitt Movies List | Brad Pitt Filmography

Brad Pitt is a well-known name of the Hollywood Film Industry. 
He has a dynamic personality with versatile acting skills. His acting is loved all over the world, and that’s why he has a considerable number of fans globally. 
All Brad Pitt fans always eagerly wait for new Brad Pitt Movies. And, that’s the reason we are sharing this post. 
In this post, you will find all the latest movies of Brad Pitt with details such as his role name, movie genre, and releasing year. 
This list has all the videos of Brad Pitt, which he has done to date. 
So, if you are also a Brad Pitt movie lover, then you will surely like this list. Have a look and enjoy it.
Brad Pitt Movies List | Brad Pitt Filmography

Brad Pitt Movies List | Brad Pitt Filmography

2014FuryWardaddyAction, Drama, War
2014Voyage of TimeNarrator (Voice)Drama
2013The CounselorWestrayCrime, Drama, Thriller
201312 Years a SlaveBassBiography, Drama, History
2013World War ZGerry LaneAction, Adventure, Horror
2012Killing Them SoftlyJackieCrime, Thriller
20128Chief Judge Vaughn R. WalkerDrama, History
2011Happy Feet TwoWill the Krill (Voice)Animation, Comedy, Family
2011MoneyballBilly BeaneBiography, Drama, Sport
2011The Tree of LifeMr. O’BrienDrama, Fantasy
2010MegamindMetro Man (Voice)Animation, Action, Comedy
2009Beyond All BoundariesSgt. Bill Mauldin – Editorial Cartoonist Stars and Stripes (Voice)Short, War
2009Inglourious BasterdsLt. Aldo RaineAdventure, Drama, War
2008The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonBenjamin ButtonDrama, Fantasy, Romance
2008Burn After ReadingChad FeldheimerComedy, Crime, Drama
2007The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert FordJesse JamesBiography, Crime, Drama
2007Ocean’s ThirteenRusty RyanCrime, Thriller
2006BabelRichard JonesDrama
2005Mr. & Mrs. SmithJohn SmithAction, Comedy, Romance
2004Ocean’s TwelveRusty RyanCrime, Thriller
2004TroyAchillesAdventure, Drama
2003Sinbad and the CyclopsIslandSinbad (Voice)Animation, Short, Adventure
2003Sinbad : Legend of Seven SeasSinbad (Voice)Adventure, Fantasy, Animation
2002Confessions of a Dangerous MindBrad, Bachelor #1Biography, Comedy, Crime
2001Ocean’s ElevenRusty RyanCrime, Thriller
2001Spy GameTom BishopAction, Crime, Thriller
2001The MexicanJerry WelbachAdventure, Comedy, Crime
2000Snatch.Mickey O’NeilCrime, Thriller
1999Fight ClubTyler DurdenDrama
1998Meet Joe BlackJoe Black / Young Man in Coffee ShopDrama, Fantasy, Mystery
1997Seven Years in TibetHeinrich HarrerAdventure, Biography, Drama
1997The Devil’s OwnRory DevaneyCrime, Drama, Thriller
1996SleepersMichael SullivanCrime, Drama, Thriller
1995Twelve MonkeysJeffrey GoinesMystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
1995Se7enMillsCrime, Drama, Mystery
1994Legends of the FallTristan LudlowDrama, Romance, War
1994Interview with the Vampire : The Vampire ChroniclesLouis de Pointe du LacHorror, Romance
1994The FavorElliott FowlerComedy, Romance
1993True RomanceFloyd – Dick’s RoommateCrime, Thriller
1993KaliforniaEarly GrayceCrime, Thriller
1992A River Runs Though ItPaul MacleanDrama
1992Cool WorldDetective Frank HarrisAnimation, Comedy, Fantasy
1991Johnny SuedeJohnny SuedeComedy, Music, Romance
1991Thelma & LouiseJ.D.Adventure, Crime, Drama
1990Across the TracksJoe MaloneyDrama, Sport
1989Cutting ClassDwight IngallsComedy, Horror, Thriller
1989Happy TogetherBrianComedy, Romance
1988The Dark Side of the SunRickDrama, Romance
1987Less Than ZeroPartygoer / Preppie Guy at FightCrime, Drama, Romance
1987No Man’s LandWaiterCrime, Drama, Thriller
1987HunkGuy at Beach with DrinkComedy, Fantasy
This was the complete list of Brad Pitt movies. We will update this list on the regular basis when new Brad Pitt movies will announce. Meanwhile, stay tuned us.


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