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Adam Sandler Movies List | Adam Sandler Filmography

Adam Sandler Movies List | Adam Sandler Filmography

Hey Visitor, if you are an Adam Sandler fan and you are searching for his all movies list with his character roles and years then, you are in the right place. 
In this post, we have shared the complete list of Adam Sandler movies with the releasing dates, his character names, and genre. 
The list is given below; have a look at the Adam Sandler movies list and share the name of his best movie, which he has done according to you.
Adam Sandler Movies List

Adam Sandler is a 47 year old American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film producer. 

He is best known for his comic roles in films like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, Punch-Drunk Love. And Funny People. 

He was featured in the list of Forbes 2013′s Highest Paid Hollywood Actors. He is estimated to have a net worth of $300 million.

Adam Sandler Movies List

2014Men, Women & ChildrenDon TrubyComedy
2014The CobblerComedy, Drama, Fantasy
2014BlendedJim FriedmanComedy
2013Grown Ups 2Lenny FederComedy
2012Hotel TransylvaniaDracula (voice)Animation, Comedy, Family
2012That’s My BoyDonnyComedy
2011/IJack and JillJack Sadelstein / Jill SadelsteinComedy
2011ZookeeperDonald the Monkey (voice)Comedy, Family, Romance
2011Just Go With ItDanny MaccabeeComedy, Romance
2010Grown UpsLenny FederComedy
2009Funny PeopleGeorge SimmonsComedy, Drama
2008Bedtime StoriesSkeeter BronsonComedy, Family, Fantasy
2008You Don’t Mess with the ZohanZohanAction, Comedy
2007I Now Pronounce You Chuck & LarryChuck LevineComedy, Romance
2007Reign Over MeCharlie FinemanDrama
2006ClickMichael NewmanComedy, Drama, Fantasy
2005Deuce Bigalow : European GigoloJavier Sandooski (uncredited)Comedy
2005The Longest YardPaul CreweComedy, Crime, Sport
2004SpanglishJohn ClaskyComedy, Drama, Romance
200450 First DatesHenry RothComedy, Romance
2003Blossoms & BloodBarry EganComedy, Drama, Short
2003Anger ManagementDave BuznikComedy
2003Pauly Shore Is DeadAdam Sandler (voice)Comedy
2002The Hot ChickMambuza Bongo Gus (uncredited)Comedy, Fantasy
2002Eight Crazy NightsDavey / Whitey / Eleanore / … (voice)Animation, Comedy, Drama
2002Mr. DeedsLongfellow DeedsComedy
2002Punch-Drunk LoveBarry EganComedy, Drama, Romance
2001The AnimalTownieComedy, Sci-Fi
2000Little NickyNickyComedy, Fantasy
1999Big DaddySonny KoufaxComedy, Drama
1998The WaterboyRobert ‘Bobby’ Boucher Jr.Comedy, Sport
1998Dirty WorkSatan (uncredited)Comedy
1998The Wedding SingerRobbie HartComedy, Romance
1996BulletproofMosesAction, Comedy, Crime
1996Happy GilmoreHappy GilmoreComedy, Sport
1995Billy MadisonBilly MadisonComedy
1994Mixed NutsLouieComedy, Drama
1994AirheadsPipComedy, Music
1993ConeheadsCarmineComedy, Sci-Fi
1991Shakes the ClownDink the ClownComedy, Drama
1989Going OverboardSchecky MoskowitzComedy

This was the complete Adam Sandler Movies List. We will update this list when new movies of Adam Sandler announces. So, stay tuned to us.

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