Every Thing You Missed in Carrie

Every Thing You Missed in Carrie
There are so many hidden secrets and strange happenings that go down in the final scene of Carrie, so stick around to the end of this article if you want to know it.
I am not talking about Gan, the almighty being in King's writing, I am talking about when King himself actually created the universe by writing his first novel, Carrie, which was published in 1974.
The first movie adaptation would come out two years later, so let us get into the Things You Missed.
The movie begins in Carrie's gym class, where we learn she is basically an outcast among her classmates.
She showers alone in the locker room after all the other girls have cleared, but in the background, there is a poster advertising the Senior Prom, to take place on May 25th and later become the climactic scene of the movie.
The poster is light blue with text printed on cloud designs, and it would be the rainlike downpour of water sprayed by Carrie using her telekinesis, wh…
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